Internet Connection Testing

Here is a test video in the same format as the Pay-Per-View


Be sure that your browsers are up to date.

Videos are viewable on all devices.

Test your internet connection speed!

As long as your download speed is greater than 1500 kbps
you should receive the broadcast properly.
Be sure to choose the Chicago server for your test.


Apple Tv

To connect and stream the PPV to your AppleTV:

Log in and open the player on an IOS Device (Iphone, Ipad etc.)

Once show is playing, swipe up from the bottom of your device screen

This will open the control panel.

Either on the left side (or swipe left if you have an older operating system)

You'll then see the AirPlay option.

Your Apple TV should be on the list of devices

Click on that and the show will be mirrored on your Apple TV


Accu-Stats PPV Chat
also Approved as the Oldzilla Chat

Please Note That Google Chrome does NOT
support Java any longer.

Please create a username and password and join us
 if this is your first visit.

Please be advised that the Chat Username and Password are separate and distinct from your Pay-Per-View information.

While it is a good idea to make them the same,
 there is no requirement to do so.

Make sure you update your Java - there has been a recent update that is needed to access the chatroom.

We are adding a Chatroom for this Pay-Per-View due to many viewer requests.

This chatroom is a separate application which can be used in conjunction with your Flash Player to enhance the
program, interact with other viewers, and ask for help with problems.

AddonChat requires Java™ technology to run
and Java must be enabled in your browser.
 Get Java
now for free or test your system here:
Do I have Java?