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Hi Pat, 

I’m a long time fan of Accu-Stats videos.  Of all of the Accu-Stats videos that I’ve seen, the ones I liked the most were the player review matches.  You did a few of those in the early 90s, where one of the match players would do the commentary on his own match while watching the video.  I learned more about pool strategy from these matches than any other videos.   Please start putting together more of the player review matches.

Donny Plunkett

And Most important:

Congratulations on your induction into the Hall of Fame. I have been a fan of yours for years. I remember you sitting in front of your computer at a tournament in Chicago back in the early 80's. I have many tapes and DVD and have learned much from the players and the commentary from Bill, Danny, Grady and all the others. Thanks. Your contribution to the sport is invaluable.

Mike McKiernan

Just wanted to say hello - I'm Ricky Bryant from Elkhart Indiana. I currently play APA and I'm trying to start 14.1 / Straight Pool leagues in Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana.

Ricky Bryant

Hi Pat,
Congratulations on your induction into the "Billiard Congress Hall of Fame." I'm proud to say that you are a friend and am very delighted that your contributions, did not go unnoticed! As one of the first, if not the first of the public, to enter your video studio in your garage, I am honored that you have been honored. Not only a Fabulous pool player, but a Gentleman as well. No one can be more deserving of this award. Once again, Congrats and Hope to see you at this year's U.S. Open.
God Bless,
Hector Aviles


Steve Campana here, long time customer and author of Black Belt Billiards.

I am absolutely delighted to hear of your induction into the hall of fame.

I have often commented that if one were to ask what the biggest contribution to this great game has been over the last 25 years they would be hard pressed to dispute my belief that the answer is hands down Accu-Stats Video Productions.

Thanks for the entertainment and knowledge transfer over the years.

Wishing you all the best and continued success

Steven W. Campana

Hi: Just to let you know, at The Cue School we have close to 200 videos almost all of them Accu-Stats. And, of course, they're available for viewing by members and students. Keep 'em coming.
Ed "The old professor" Ball

Hey group...

Just wanted to let you know I was in a pool room in London, Ontario and they were showing Accu-Stats pool recordings. Great Stuff! Keep up the fantastic work.

Richard Aubin - Pool Playing Tips

Hi Pat, Writing from Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands to let you know this is the best site for pool videos. Very efficient, great selection and easy to work with. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Toney Davis - Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands

Hi Pat; Great Website! You've come a long way since I worked for you in the mid 80's as a field coordinator teaching Accu-Stats. Keep up the good work. Dennis
Dennis M. <>
Fl USA -
Just surfing the net and found your site... Great work! Congratulations
Your products are excellent and customer service number ONE!! Thank you Pat Fleming for all you've done for all cuesports.I'll keep buying your product video DVD or whatever.
Eric Grater
St Paul, MN USA -
Nice catalog but without DVDs no chance.
Hola amigos de accu-stats, quiero decirles que aprendi mucho de sus videos en un tiempo, espero poder adquirir mas pronto , me da gusto saber que siguen vijentes todavia, les deseo el mejor de los exitos y nos vemos pronto ;)
Sergio <>
Zapopan, Mexico -
I'm impressed by the range. Would love to see dvd's available though. Greetings to all from Australia. Gav
Gavin Langmaid <>
Melbourne, Vi Australia -
Great service to all Pat. I was @ the 1st senior tour stop in Milwaukee ( Taco Bell Open) and enjoyed the headsets that you rented out to bleacher seaters, very cool. This should be done at all your taped tournies. Also are you ever going to go to DVD? Keep up the good work.
Scott Kennedy <>
Destin, FL USA -
Guys, change to the 21 century, Video is obsolete. DVD ist on.
Please bring back the "Pay Per View" online video's...
J. Kraft <>
Minot, ND USA -
Hi Accu-Stats. This is the best pool serice in the world. Great videos and instruction. Check out my website at The site's message board is at
Sneaky Pete <>
Northwich, England -
Well - it was hell but I finally got it done. Hope you all love GameBreakers!
Merlyn Glodek <>
Derby, CT USA -
Great site by a bunch of extremely knowledgeable guys. Order my new book, "The Green Felt Jungle", promise you will love it.
Gerald Huber <>
Marrero, La USA -