Things To Know About The "Live" Pay-Per-View System:

  • What exactly am I buying?

    Accu-Stats' On Location Pay-Per-View matches are shown live from locations around the country.
    Basically you are purchasing a block of time which would encompass all of the matches shown during that time period.
    The Live Broadcast should be available approximately 15-30 minutes before each session.
  • After I complete the PayPal purchase what will I do next?

After the PayPal information is complete and approved you will be takes to the content access screen.
Simply press the "Access Content" button and the Flash Media Player screen should open on your monitor.
I recommend to always leave the "Access Content" page open (or minimized) while you are watching the event in case
you get disconnected and have to click in again.

  • What happens it I get disconnected or the stream is interrupted.

    Unfortunately, the Flash Media Player will NOT restart automatically if a live stream is interrupted. Simply close the
    Flash Media Player and click the "Access Content" button again. This should solve the problem.
    Whenever possible use a
    WIRED rather than a wireless connection to the internet. Video often doesn't take well to wireless connections.
    It causes buffering and breakups.

  • My username and password does not work:

    Passwords are case sensitive. Please ensure that you enter this information exactly the way you registered.
    Some security software, in rare cases, may block your access to movie contents or secure websites. If so, please disable the
    security software and Pop-up blockers.


  • My Popup blocker won't let me watch. How can I fix that?

    Pop-up blockers may prevent Flash Media Player or the file the from opening. Setting your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from

  •  ( will fix this problem. Please see your pop-up blocker's help section for more information. Many popup blockers can by modified via a "settings," "options," or "block/allow" button.

  • What if I forgot my password:

    For security reasons, we do not give your password online. At the bottom of the PPV Login screen there is a request that
    can be completed and your password will be e-mailed to you.

  • Why do video clips sometimes stop or pause?

    The most common cause of a pause or stop is Internet traffic congestion (file buffering) and your system running too many programs at once.
    It is best that the only program running should be Flash Media Player. If this problem persists, try closing the player, then re-launch it.

  • Can I use my mobile device to access the stream?

    While we do not actively advertise this feature, yes, you can view the stream using your Iphone or Ipad.
    Android devices also worked UP UNTIL the last operating system upgrade. That upgrade knocked out Flash capabilities for Android devices.
    There are apps available for Android permitting Flash downloads and we are working on a fix for this problem.